General Consultancy Services Towards Companies

Mert Van Law Firm, aside from monitoring client companies’ cases, also gives great importance to both solving client companies’ internal problems regarding labor law and corporate law, and replying to their legal problems and needs which need to be fastly solved in a suitable and fast manner. We provide consultancy services towards our clients from many sectors with different backgrounds and needs regarding every kind of legal process in a fast, neat and systematic manner. After our clients need legal counseling and contact with us, we extend our result-oriented and client-oriented effective solutions towards our clients in a maximum of 24 hours with the help of our vast experiences and working discipline of 28 years. The services we provide to our clients are including but not limited to: negotiation and signing processes of legal transactions and contracts, determination and application of strategies in various legal processes, fast and effective management of various legal processes and supervisation of clients’ internal regulations and processes and relationships outside the company.