Küçük Alacak Yönetimi (KAY)

Credit Management, which has been developed wirh the aim of establishing a problem-free collection flow of companies’ risky liens without costs, execution proceedings and damaging business relationships, also aims to reduce the number of permanent staff in the companies and using the time at work more efficiently.

Thanks to the different types of reports created at the end of every month with Credit Management, the current accounts of the client companies can be controlled monthly in different ways.

Aside from collection of due credits of the clients, our firm also provides credit management that abides both domestic and foreign law with its competent staff in order to guarantee the outcome of credits that are not yet due, but there is a risk regarding their collection. This process is executed without seeking any judicial remedy, peaceful negotiations are used as the main method. Pursuant to out clients’ existing needs, when necessary, collection processes are carried out by us, and aside from that, constant legal consultancy services are provided to the clients in order for them to collect their credits.